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February 25th, 2014 by Kristen

Kristen’s Plexus Store

There is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! Love this stuff and what it's doing for my loved ones!

Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Diabetes Friendly, Energy, Digestion

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Does Plexus Slim Work For Men?

January 7th, 2014 by Kristen

Does Plexus Slim Work For Men?
Here are just a few responses from my personal friends:

Melissa- My hubby lost 15 pounds and 2 inches off his waist after 1 month of Plexus. His acid reflux is doing better, allergies/sinus’ MUCH improved (he’s suffered greatly w/ them ever since he came home from the Gulf War– lost his sense of smell, etc.) and he wakes rested.
He fixes his pink drink every AM before heading out the door. I don’t know about the rest of you ladies, but that speaks BIG time to me. What that tells me is that Craig sees the value and benefit in Plexus himself. I’m not having to fix it, remind him, and/or beg him to drink it.
*I guess I should add that my hubby doesn’t really appear overweight, etc. He just had developed a little tummy over the last few years. Plexus is doing great things for him!

Brenda- My man’s chronic inflammation in his back/shoulders has been eliminated. It was effecting his sleep and he was regularly visiting chiros and massage therapists. That is GONE and he says overall, he feels years younger!

Audra – My 48 yr old husband has been on plexus slim (no accelerator) for 6 weeks. He skips a day every now and then but for the most part, takes it regularly. He is also “big, burly tough guy” who doesn’t necessarily believe in “natural” health products. He has had arthritis for many years, borderline high blood pressure, low energy levels, and his body is basically broken down from how hard he has been on it through his wild and crazy years. He was previously taking 800mg ibuprofen 3-4 times per day with occasional vicoden when he felt really bad. I haven’t seen him take any pain pills in over 4 weeks.
His energy levels have been much better also. When he’s home I would always see him on the couch or laying down to take a nap, and in the past month, he hasn’t done much of that either. Of course, he won’t admit its the Plexus, but what else would it be when he hasn’t changed anything else!!

Dana- My husband suffered from headaches 3-4 times a week and would get a migraine 2 x’s a month on average. Since starting Plexus 2 mos ago, he has only had one headache. It was the day after he forgot to take his Plexus…! He takes a slim and an accelerator every morning. In addition, he has lost 14lbs, 4 inches around his belly, has much more energy and tolerates the stress of our business and crazy life much better.

Jillian- My hubby was only on it for one week but in that time his insomnia from a shift change at work went away.

Kristen M. – I know someone who has been on Slim only for over 2 months. He hasnt really lost pounds, but maybe some inches. He had SEVERE brain fog…to the point that he really thought that he was getting alzheimer’s. After taking the SLIM for about a week, his brain fog cleared up. He said he NEVER expected that and would take it for that reason alone (weight loss aside). He was VERY happy about it and said that each day is better! I should mention that this person is not an easy to convince person and has tried other brain nutrition before, but wasnt sure if it was working. BUT his results with the SLIM were drastic. He is pre-diabetic and feels poorly if he misses a day..or more. I am waiting to see how his doctors report will be for January!! This has been motivating for me because it is someone that I hold in high regard and love dearly.

Wanda – My dh is Vietnam Vet USAF and waited 30+ years to go to the VA for a checkup. He has chronic pain with degenerative arthritis from his neck to his feet. Knees are bone on bone. His sleep was a fitful 2 hours per night because of the pain. He was on some serious pain meds & the Drs said surgery was his only option.
Home life was a challenge because the pain & lack of sleep brought back some PTSD, frustration, anxiety, stress responses. Even drive through windows would irritate him because he couldn’t multitask with the pain. Before he went in for diagnostics & treatment, he had already lost over 40 pounds, the result of an eating disorder brought on by the pain. They were about to hospitalize him to stabilize the weight loss…
He started Plexus about 1 1/2 months ago. Since then, he’s started sleeping 4 to 5 hours per night. He is better able to handle stress, the pain has reduced and his knees don’t click and pop like they used to when he walks. His sense of humor has returned and he SMILES. He has cut his pain meds in 1/2 and started using the Fast Relief capsules & cream. His appetite has returned and his weight has stabilized.

To quote Buddy “Plexus will give men their vitality for life all over again!”

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What’s this Pink Drink?!!?

September 30th, 2013 by Kristen

What does weight loss, blood sugar levels, better sleep, and improved energy all have in common? Plexus Slim!

Every where I look, I see people who have been struggling with different health issues for years, suddenly looking like they have found the fountain of youth! When I ask them how they changed their diet and which gym they joined, they tell me with a smiling face, “Oh, I haven’t changed anything… I just started taking Plexus Slim.”

Needless to say, I was perplexed! How could that yummy, pink powdered drink mix make such a difference with so many diverse health issues? It turns out that what it all comes down to is balancing blood sugar levels.

Because so many of us eat a diet that causes frequent blood sugar highs and lows, our bodies are always zapped in dealing with that stress (diabetics and non-diabetics alike). Our adrenal glands are pumping out cortisol to balance that stress and keep things under control, instead of using that valuable energy to burn fat, regulate hormones, think more clearly, sleep better, and heal the body! Once the all natural ingredients in Plexus start to help regulate those levels, the body has a break from all that hard work, and loads of wonderful benefits can occur. Here are a few of the health benefits that my friends and family have enjoyed:

* Weight Loss
* Increased Energy (without caffeine or other stimulants!)
* Better Focus & Clearer Thinking
* Reduced Inflammation
* Reduced Allergy symptoms
* Restful Sleep
* Lower Cholesterol
* Regulated Blood Pressure

This delicious powdered drink mix is so easy to take and has restored so many of my loved ones with vibrant health, that I couldn’t help but share it with you! It’s only available from Wholesalers so I become one for you guys! There’s a 60 day money-back guarantee, that says you’ll LOVE IT!

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Shindig Conference

October 29th, 2012 by Kristen

Hello everyone! We just got back from the Texas Shindig Conference & it was great fun. My three little kids had a blast playing, my husband worked NON-STOP (no breaks to even eat), and I loved meeting all of you. My email is Kristen at SimplyKristen dot Com (code so I won’t get a bunch of spam mail) & here is my facebook page – so you can find me there :-)
Please email with questions – or if you are wanting my clinician/mentor’s contact – here is her website.

There was one issue I completely forgot to mention during my talk and it is SO important! What we put ON our skin, goes INTO our blood stream. Almost all of the mainstream market cosmetics are completely toxic, cancerous, and hormone disrupting. Use a natural lotion and deodorant (I use Tropical Traditions and love it), natural makeup, high quality natural shampoos, and you will be filling your toxic bowl much slower! Here is a great article about the many chemicals you are coming into contact with if you are not using natural/non-toxic alternatives.

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Traveling and a mother’s FEAR!

September 22nd, 2012 by Kristen

I have my computer back and am able to BLOG!!!!

The Women’s Conference was a great success! We hope to have one every year with a variety of speakers. So, keep checking back here and through the Southern Middle TN Weston A Price Foundation. We will have the Nourishing Women’s Conference DVD ready for sale in the coming weeks (before Christmas is the goal). I would NOT miss out on the info in this DVD, as many women have told what a blessing it was to them and how it has helped them with their health and the health of their family!

So, here’s what’s been going on in our household!!!!!

My husband has been traveling a lot lately to cool places like California, Thailand, Laos, Philippines, Washington state, etc. I have traveled a bit also. Once to Maine for a 10 year high school reunion and once to South Carolina, with the children, to visit family. Going to Maine was the first time I have traveled alone (like TOTALLY by myself) since having my first child seven years ago. It was a great time to reconnect with old WONDERFUL friends, see the place where I lived 20 years ago (I didn’t actually graduate from HS there, but have kept in touch with people….thank you Facebook), and step outside of my comfort zone. After returning home, an important truth, that I already knew in my head….. became REAL to me (which, BTW, are TWO different things): That, when this life is over I will be standing before God by myself…. not with my husband, not with my parents, not even with my children. I will be alone, and I, alone, responsible before Him.

While I WILL be held responsible for how I treated the aforementioned people according to His instructions…… my identity is not wrapped up in them. My identity is my own before Him. I know this all sounds obvious but it has HUGE implications. When my husband is grumpy (rare) – it doesn’t necessarily have to do with ME. When he is not happy with something, it doesn’t reflect onto my own worth or standing. As my children age and begin to make their own choices – those choices are their’s alone. Not mine. I won’t have to pay for them or answer for them. Same goes with my husband. It is quite freeing when you *really* think about it. It also helps me do better in the jobs I have as homemaker, teacher, business partner, etc…. much less to take offense about when you really think about it. It makes me see people as their own autonomous creatures also…. and respect each of my children’s unique identity – as they also, will stand before God alone & responsible for themselves and the choices they have made.

This may sound crazy, but before leaving for Maine I was scared of dying and leaving my children motherless. I am not afraid of the death part or what comes after it, but I was afraid for my children not having a mother. Those fears forced me to think about this “What is the most important thing I can impart to my children???” I came up with these two:

1. I want them to KNOW that someone is going to have to pay for theirs sins committed against God……. and it’s either going to be THEM paying for it – or Jesus. I am reminded it will be their choice to take the free covering Jesus offers OR to reject it – and try to stand on their own “good works” when judged….As it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment. Hebrews 9:27.

2. God never promises continual physical safety and comfort – but He does promise that He will be there with us in all circumstances (good and bad). So, don’t strive for the comforts of the world, which will all turn to dust. Strive for the things which have eternal value.

Now onto my physical health……
My Hashimoto’s treatment is going well. I am definitely the tortoise in this race! As, every 3 months my thyroid antibodies decrease. When I started this process in March/April of 2011 my bad TPO antibody numbers were at 3,000 & now they are at 1,004. The other bad antibody numbers (TGaB) are now normal!!! I am needing to take half the thyroid medication I took in 2010! So, great news! Who said there are no known cures for autoimmune diseases???? :-) OH!!! And my most recent adrenal test showed NO ADRENAL FATIGUE. My dear little adrenals glands have rested and recovered. I can tell that I can handle stress better. Good thing for the people I live with!!!

I am still working on ridding my body of Candida…. as I retested and I had some come back. Being less strict my diet and being able to have Cane Sugar (in small amounts) is probably what made it return. Soy-free chocolate bars are quite a weakness of mine! It knows my name and calls to me, sweetly, each evening!

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