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March 4th, 2012 by Kristen

Here is an email I sent to a lady who had pain every time she ate. She thinks it might be connected to gluten & wanted to know what steps she should take to heal. Here is my email to her:

*Disclaimer – Her issue was one that was obviously connected to gluten. She may still have other issues like parasites, fungus, bacterial infections, leaky gut, etc that would not be completely resolved by implementing the list I give her below. Further GI testing would give her more clues… but regardless…. it’s a good start)

As you have a lot of GI/stomach lining healing to do. It could be that you are celiac or just gluten intolerant. Either way, it means with certainty you have leaky gut and have healing to do – leaky gut can lead to an assortment of health problems we do not even need to bring up – just realize if left alone it can develop into MUCH large problems. It’s totally reversible! Just takes some focus.

You’ll want to make sure your supplements are gluten free also (many are not), and of high quality. These are the brands I use – I’ve tried many, but these are the best I’ve found. I buy them thru my practitioner, but it looks like you can also get them on Amazon (don’t know if it’s the cheapest place possible though…. you may want to check

Probiotic – gives you good “critters” in your gut (keeps bad ones OUT) & paramount for your health.
Klaire Labs – Ther-Biotic – twice a day with meals

L-Glutamine – helps heal your lining
2 scoopfuls a day

Enzyme – 1 with every meal – helps you digest your food.

Intestinal Permeability Support – 2 a day, take at the same time you take L-Glutamine… do this away from food:

Food recommendations:
avoid all gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats, etc)
avoid ALL processed foods (that means, if God didn’t make it and say “it is good”, don’t eat it – for now)
eat gentle/nutritious foods for a while:
homemade bone broths
soups made in a base of the bone broths (old hens make the best broth)
grassfed/organic meats
cooked veggies
fermented foods
fruit, smoothies, or juicing
keep grains (corn, rice, white potatoes, quinoa, etc) at a minimum -or none at all if possible (I’ve never been able to cut them out completely)
sweet potatoes are good, as those are not high in starch.
eat high quality fats: REAL butter, olive oil, coconut oil (cold pressed), animals fats (grass fed), fish oils, etc. Avoid all vegetable oils, soy oils, fake butters, etc. Your body desperately needs good fat for healing, anti-inflammation, proper hormone health, skin, beauty, sleep, everything!

Here are some books and websites that are excellent:

All about gluten intolerance and leaky gut:

Read Gut And Psychology Syndrome

website that talks about GAPS in a friendly way

how to make bone broths

Hope this helps! So often, I see people do what I am describing above and they get better!
The above plan takes a couple of months – but it really heals from the ground up. Remember, think of your GI system as your roots/foundation. A plant can’t be healthy without healthy roots – same goes for people.

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  1. Caralee

    This is awesome. I need to know all that you are posting. I am being convicted to hurry up and begin cleaning up my whole family’s health as I know it is not the best and as you said, the symptoms are not obvious to the naked eye. Thankyou again for sharing your knowledge and experience. I look forward to hearing more about what you are learning and doing.

  2. Cecilia

    Sounds like a great start for me to clean up our whole families diet. Very informative!

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