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March 4th, 2012 by Kristen

Last I wrote about Hashimoto’s and healing autoimmune diseases, I wrote about the Adrenal Glands and how they are paramount, and one of the foundations of health. Now we are onto the other foundation of health – the Gastrointestinal Tract (or the GI tract). Just like you can never have a sturdy building that is built on a messed up foundation….. you can NEVER build long lasting health if the foundations of health (your GI) is not in good working order. Imagine a tree’s roots…. it’s where they soak up nutrients, water, and are able to grow. If a tree’s roots are not functioning, the tree will start dying. The same is for humans, the symptoms just starts in behavior, psychological, hormonal, autoimmune or cancers will results.

2 interesting facts: 80% of your immune system functions out of your GI system, AND the lining of all your intestines would cover a football field!!!

I would tell anyone who is struggling with ANY health related to diseases to start doing the behavior modifications to heal the adrenals & support the GI tract though enzymes, probiotics, and diet changes to help heal their GI system. Here are 13 tips to Heal Leaky Gut

OKay, so what did I do to start healing my gut? Since I did not have many symptoms of digestive stress (except having an autoimmune disease… which is a pretty obvious symptoms) I had a GI Panel Test run through my clinician, Anne. My Doctor recommended the same exact test, but it would have been more expensive through the lab they used… so I went with Anne’s lab which is Diagnos-Techs,Inc.

My results showed:
- High levels of several different types of Rhodotorula species and Candida (fungus overgrowth)
- Pathogens/Bacterial Overgrowth Detected: (like strep, Klebsiella pneumoniae….. which are found in connection to autoimmune diseases)
- Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori) – Which is found in 50% of Americans, and is connected to stomach cancers, leaky gut, etc. The truth is, most water supplies are contaminated with this bacteria – but that it cannot survive in a healthy balanced GI tract.
- Extremely low Total Intestinal SIgA (Stool): Means that I had been fighting and fighting for so long, that my lining could no longer fight.
- Ongoing colonic inflammation
- A low Chymotrypsin – poor pancreatic output of all enzymes.

That’s a lot of problems for someone who didn’t think I had anything wrong :-)

So, I had to:
- get rid of the fungus overgrowth (makes for leaky gut and other damage)
- kill the h.pylori (they burrow into the sides of your stomach and create leaky issues)
- heal the lining
- decrease inflammation
- take enzymes, probiotics, and hydrochloric acid to aid in digestion during this healing time.

For 3 months I did this protocol:
- Ate minimal grains (small amount of rice, potatoes, quinoa), minimal fruits so the fungus would starve
- Took S.Boulardii probiotics with every meal. This strain of pro-biotics attack the fungus.
- took a h.pylori killing product twice a day, away from food (this would have also killed the good bacteria if I took it at the take time)
- Took L-Glutamine, ate a lot of bone broths to heal the lining of the intestinal tract. Did my own version of the GAPS diet
- Had two different food sensitivity tests run (the Alletess Antibody Test through my doctor & and the MRT/Leap Test through Anne). These are both blood tests that test for food sensitivities. I avoided all the foods that popped up on these tests. The reason behind this was to help the lining heal. After 6 months (and I was healed) I began adding back in the foods one at a time (except of soy, gluten, and corn) to see if I reacted negatively. I’ll never be able to eat those foods daily again, but so far I have not had any obvious negative reactions and can enjoy the foods once or twice a week without damage.
- Took an enzyme, a intestinal healer, and a probiotic with every meal to encourage healing.

After 3 months I retested all my bad markers. I found this:
NO Fungus
NO h.pylori
NO signs of leaky gut
NO inflammation
My GI’s ability to fight was back!!! (albeit far too high)

I was on my way to healing and SOOO excited! I maintained that health by continuing to take probiotics, eating broth and high nutriious foods, avoiding the food sensitivities till the 6 months ended, not eating too many grains, taking l-glutamine (mostly) daily, taking enzymes, and continuing to do my best in what I put in my mouth!

I’ll be doing another test relatively soon to make sure my markers are staying where they need to be. I’ll update then!

(by the way, it’s still possible I may need to go on the full GAPS diet, and I am doing a dairy free trial in 2 months for 3 months because no food sensitivity test is perfect & I want to see how it will affect my antibody count…. NOT looking forward to that…. even a little bit)

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