Update on the SuperSlim

July 19th, 2010 by Kristen

I want to give an update on part of the diet plan I laid out in the Fat Is Good post.
The super slim from Dr. Schultz did not happen as planned. The consistency was too thick and nasty and I have not had regular access to a blender yet, so I haven’t been able to mix it in with smoothies. However, I do like how it makes me feel. The mix is filled with fiber and energizing herbs and if I can just get it down twice a day I’d be satisfied. I don’t think three times a day will work for me. BUT, as of tonight, I now have a borrowed blender (plan on getting a Bosch mixer/blender in the coming months)……. If you are wondering why I don’t have a blender it is because all of our electrical appliances ‘died’ in a massive flood central TN had this year.
We recently moved into a new house (new to us anyways) 2 weeks ago and are now getting back to some sort of normal. So, there ya go!

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  1. Kate

    I have not been able to choke it down more than twice a day. Man is it disgusting! I am glad someone else is having the same experience, I thought I was being a wuss.

  2. Kristen

    For real! :-P I never did finish it. It’s sitting in my cabinet still!

  3. Greg

    I have only been doing it for 2 days no problem with it just drink it and move on.

  4. jennifer

    Has anyone had results using it?

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